Aug 30, 2017

Bora Gulari injured while taining for Nacra 17 MKII Worlds

Photo: Bora & Helena Scutt siling past weeks at Garda by Martina Orsini where they had a training camp with Santi Lange & Cecilia Carranza among others  -

So tough to read news today on Bora being hurt badly after a capsize at La Grande Motte, venue of coming Nacra 17 MKII Worlds. The direct info I got is that the US crew  had  a hard pitchpole at the windward mark and Bora went flying hard towards the bow hurting his hand in the process.
US Sailing reports on 3 fingers being hurt with 'rigging' , at the same time Bora through US sailing press release announced he will be  coming stronger, same comments for Helena , who gladly didn't suffered any accident as far as we know and she confirmed herself.

For US Sailing press release plese check

Bora and Helena are favorites for this Nacra 17 MKII flying cycle , specially on Bora's Moth & A-Cat exprience.
We wish Bora a rapid recovery and we are glad that he has the inner strenght to already be thinking about a quick comeback.

We spoke with him some months ago on his views for the new Nacra 17 foiling mode, with helena they were the first to nail foiling gybes of the new Olympic cat:

Get well soon Bora, entire sailing community sending you and Helena all the best.