Aug 23, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot Day 3: Steve Brewin leads

Images by Gordon Upton  , Helena Darvelid / Sailrocket,  Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder. Click their links for full galleries, and each pic for HQ & Slideshow.  Official images by Sail Spotting here

Steve Brewin leads after 5 races completed, 4 of them from the qualifying series where the top riders where divided in two fleets, and 1 Final stage race with fleets divided in Gold & Silver.
Big waves today and around 17knots made for a harsh day on the water, many top guys decided to sit down once passing the windward mark. Arg friends reports to be as tough as one of our Sudestes wave conditions.

The fleets went out early today for two qualy races, then went ashore for a break. Later, past 4pm they were sent back out for one more.

Brewin scored 3,5, 1 for the day to re take overall lead. Dave Shaw , from New Zealand decided that this title race is going to be  more than Polish vs Aussies fight, and after a great day finishing 1,2,2 Dave holds 2nd place overall.
Click first image above, great one by Gordon with Steve's nice grin while Dave goes full bore foiling to his side.

Manolo Calavia continued to sail comfortably in the breeze , and sailing like a long time Sopot local he won two races plus a 3rd. The Spanish Champion is currently in 21st place overall on an ocs, but with one more race he will be able to discard to regain top 5 position , maintaining current rhythm.

The actual locals were having an excellent day too, Kuba Surowiec 2 & 2 while Tymek Bendyk 2 &  1. On the last race of the day, where wind dropped a bit but waves stood, the Polish  Young Guns scored an 'average'  11 & 12 respectively , but still enough to stay close for a 3rd & 4th overall position. Jacek Noetzel finished 6,3,5 and follows behind.

The bad news of the days for the Polish fleet was a hit that Maciek Zarnowski got in the last race after two great 3rds. The Bryt sailmaker, was having a great Worlds. Hope he can find a boat for tomorrow, his starboard bow was literally clean chopped away.

Stephen Brayshaw keeps sailing a solid championship for 6th overall and one place ahead of Bundy that sadly left  some key points today placing 9, 7 & 10.

Coen de Koning & Thomas Paasch are having both a great event, specially Coen who is learning fast. Thomas as we know is a great  A-Cat sailor, he is racing with a customized foiling Nikita.
Shot above with Thomas (green boat) leading Brewin & Shaw at the mark, showing how good he is.

Sandro Caviezel  had two really good ones with 5 & 4 , last scored of the day was a 31st putting him back in 10th overall. Discard (after 9 races) will play big for him too if the Swiss rider on the Scheurer G7 manages to stay close to the top pack in coming races.

Mischa Heemskerk is not having a great event so far, 4,6 & 16  to sit on 15th overall and with a 29th already to discard. Chances to defend the 2016 title are fading away with each race.
Still nothing defined for the title.

Our top Argie guy , scored a 4th and 11th and achieved to enter the Gold fleet after a first day without racing on a boom failure. Sergio Mehl showed that he is top ten material, those perfect flying videos were directly translated to those great scores, even without a established local Arg fleet or racing.

Tomorrow lighter winds are expected and +20knots again for Friday. A challenging Worlds if any. Whoever wins this 2017 World Championship will be a highly deserved Title holder.

Sopot 2017 Worlds Links:
- Official Worlds web
Worlds FB
- Offcial images by Sail Spotting

Top 10 after four races, they have added a discard for this qualy . Next race will be Finals stage and discard will enter in race 6.
Full results at

Pos Sail Helm Tot Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F5 Boat
1  AUS 4 (62) Steven Brewin 11 1 1 3 5 1 Exploder D3
2  NZL 270 (59) Dave Shaw 15 8 2 1 2 2 Exploder D3
3  POL 41 (51) Jakub Surowiec 20 2 3 2 2 11 Exploder D3
4  POL 15 (2) Tymoteusz Bendyk 23 5 3 2 1 12 Exploder D3
5  POL 1 (19) Jacek Noetzel 25 7 4 6 3 5 Exploder D3
6  AUS 25 (40) Stephen Brayshaw 27 4 6 7 4 6 Exploder D3
7  AUS 88 (108) Darren Bundock 28 1 1 9 7 10 Exploder D3
8  NED 75 (86) Coen De Koning 34 4 4 11 8 7 DNA F1
9  DEN 1 (10) Thomas Paasch 38 8 10 6 10 4 Nikita
10  SUI 1 (20) Sandro Caviezel 45 3 2 5 4 31 Scheurer G7

21  ESP 11 (23) Manuel Calavia 72 3 ocs 1 1 3 Exploder D3

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