Aug 14, 2017

A-Cats Worlds 2017 @Sopot : Preview scene by Helena Darvelid

All images Helena Darvelid / Sailrocket .  Full gallery at Sopot 2017 Worlds Fb. Great images by Helena , specially new rig by Felix Egner / Landenberger Sails, a compromise planshape on a brand new Scheurer G7 , going back to a wider top for light winds. A good example of what I've been discussing in the background with many, and also on some open fb posts where I posted diagrams I made last month on different foot options (sketch below) .

I will make a dedicated post on this later on the week as some in the F18 without much background on DS sails think the only option for a Decksweeper is what Mischa used at Denmark.  But well, they need to read CSN a bit more to get informed on what the A-Class has been doing for some years now. This remark as I learn myself too posting and gathering info (aside being lucky enough to sail As)  and its the only way to later make any reasonable Class rule decision if any: Have a  detailed technical view before making an uniformed ban or whatever, as the F18 Class almost did on the paint issues/ban.

For ie a crew ability test was going to be made at the Raid Worlds to asses the Decksweeper usability in the F18 Class only based on a 1,400mm long foot, when Felix Egner / Landenberger Loft and diagrams above shows us the wide range of alternatives you have to maintain the Endplate effect and offer crews an easier ride.

Pics above by Helena Darvelid also show Brewin's refined sail planshape cut  (pic above NZL 270) from the one we saw on the 2017  Australia Nats . Edit: Been informed Its the same planshape Brewin used in January.

On current A-Cat / F18 World Champ Mischa Heemskerk, I have reports he tested a short rig also but today went out with a standard 9mts mast.

Still much much to see towards next week of racing. Check more images by Helena Darvelid at Sopot Worlds official fb.

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