Jul 25, 2017

Nacra Worlds 2017 @Circolo Vela Arco

Today was an unforgettable day at the Circolo Vela Arco. We offer you some moments of start 3
#Cva #Nacra Nacra Sailing International Nacra Class Association - INCA
Posted by Circolo Vela Arco on lunes, 24 de julio de 2017

Photo & Video: Emilio Santinelli / Circolo Vela Arco.  What a nice start filmed of the Nacra 15 fleet , which is the strongest Class in the even  with 28 boats. Bjarne Bouwer & Elliot Savelon lead after 4 races. Current results circolovelaarco.it/images/Risultati_Nacra15.pdf

Rest of Nacra Classes & official web  circolovelaarco.it/regate-icagenda-menu/30-nacra-worlds

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