Jul 5, 2017

Nacra F20 best Foiling Gybe so far by John Gimson & Anna Burnet

Video sent & filmed by Adam May. Great foiling gybe a la AC50, leaving both Js down for a good period and not getting on a hurry to raise windward foil. Result is a perfect foiling gybe by John Gimson & Ann Burnet , both will be doing Nacra 17 MKII Olympic campaign, and although a different boat and foil system, this is great training plus really smooth achievement & coordination by both. Best foiling gybe of the TNZ 3pt system filmed so far.

This triggers a doubt on the matchup we've been talking for the Nacra 17 vs an F20FCS on Windward/leeward course, as we assumed Z foil system would have an edge on handling, which as seen at Bermuda America's Cup it was almost more critical than raw speed.

Now with this stylish gybe, battle of the foil system will be decide on upwind and tack handling, always speaking on course racing and not long distance reaching where the F20 should prevail with ease.

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