Jul 29, 2017

Nacra 17 MKII Europeans: Practice Race by Sailing Energy

Superbe images by Tomas Moya & Pedro Martinez / Sailing Energy. Full gallery at their Fb web 
Check the first one, after seeing that epic shot every Moth and 49er shot falls to a second category, sorry...! No wand , sky high foiling , no active rudder trim. Pure speed Bronco style.
Click images for hd  & Slideshow.

Just getting a mental image of the Scorpion convertible flying like that Nacra 1 MKII with 4pt Z foil and a Decksweeper...Weapon!

Those N17 foils look oversized, rudder blade seems F20 in chord, winglet is also massive, will publish pics next week. Zs are nowhere near in legnht to A-Cats neither.
This adds more height and more thrill to the Nacra 17 racing, Fer van West comments they went for more control in the end.
We'll make a Q&A with him after the Euros.

Powerful shot taken by Tomás Moya showing the new Nacra 17 MKII flying high. Already some details with foils delivery and else, but we hope as always they can  resolve any issues asap. The good thing MKIIs are being delivered finally.
Racing starts tomorrow.