Jul 22, 2017

Anonimo F16 Europeans 2017: Le Chapelier & Le Bouedec Champs

All images David Carlier & Anonimo F16 Europeans.
Full gallery by Davi Carlier here. Regatta official web f16europeans2017.ch -

The F16s have found their place many years ago and continue to establish themselves as a great option for mixed, light crews and youths with a great level of performance. F16s are fast & needs quick reflexes plus refine handling. Needless to say you can even race solo vs two up.

Like the F18 they have now several boats alternatives like Goodall Viper, Falcon , Nacra, and Bimare F16 options.

Same with sails 1D, Glaser, Performance, Goodall, Landy and more.

For kids & Youths is the best platform to match themselves in a super competitive fleet against more experience sailors. One of the current top Youth sailors like Henry Demesmaeker jumped directly from the F16 to the Olympic arena.
Winners for this year Europeans are Emmanuel Le

Chapelier & Eric Le Bouedec (Bimare F16/1D).
Full results here

Below 2017 Europeans report by Gill de Bruyne.
F16 Anonimo Europeans 2017 :
"What a great event & what a great class!
On the last 2 days we managed 5 more races in somewhat more unstable wind direction conditions. The race committee managed them pretty well, but racing was definitely more difficult than on the first days of racing where the direction throughout the race was much more stable.

In the end the results of the final days were in line with the first days and so the top teams managed to read the wind and get in the top spots again.
I can't stress enough how great the hospitality of this club and organization was. A great social programme and in the end a good series of races that pleased the racers and the weekend warriors.

A big thanks as well to the 2 Australian teams that made it over: FRA83 Jack Felsenthal/Shaun Connor - Bimare F16 and BEL101 Jake Liddell/Emma Jones - Falcon F16

As the F16 is all about diversity there were different prizes to be given.
First solo: Geert Ruesink - NED789 - 29th overall - Falcon F16
First female team: Anna Kroon/Doortje Hörst - NED11 - 16th overall - Nacra F16
First youth (both under 20): Guillaume Rol/Alexis Mégevand - SUI22 - 7th overall - Bimare F16
First master (over 100): Andreas Lutz/Andrea Lutz - SUI10 - 6th overall - Falcon F16
First mixed: Pierre Boublin/Rose Dorange - FRA68 - 5th overall - Viper F16

Top Overall 3:
1. Emmanuel Le Chapelier/Eric Le Bouëdec - FRA89 - Bimare F16
2. Thomas Proust (youngest sailor)/Eric Proust - FRA17 - Viper F16
3. Alec Bagué/Stijn Vandaele - BEL202 - Viper F16
For next year Holland was chosen as location for the Europeans, again 3rd week of July. But first the worlds in Australia ofcourse! Contact Gill De Bruyne for more information about container shipment from Europe for this event: gill.debruyne (at) gmail.com

If the US does not manage a container some additional boats could be shipped from Europe.
Full results here