Jun 12, 2017

Round Texel 2017 : Heemskerk, Zanen & Houwing 1st , Flying M20

Official Aftermovie 40th Edition Round Texel
De Official Aftermovie van de 40ste editie Ronde om Texel. Zie jij jezelf of een bekende terug?

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Posted by Ronde om Texel on domingo, 11 de junio de 2017

All images Niels Smit / Round Texel - Video by Round Texel Official RT web roundtexel.com , Fb page here

Mischa Heemskerk aside being one of the top notch catsailors of all time,  is also such a great character & innovator. After several attempts to win the Texel Blue Ribbon with his custom modified Marstrom 20, Mischa finally grabbed the first place real & corrected time in this 2017 Round Texel Edition.

The detail is he won with 3 sailors onboard...! The M20 this time also featured a Decksweeper added to already custom equipped  TNZ J boards. Decksweeper for Foilers will become a defacto option, a design alternative super proven by now. On the floaters still in devel, Brewin got some good resutls at F18 Nats witht the Scorpion in January,  and check yet another Scorpion shot above  equipped with prototype sails by Mischa and sailed by Pieter Oskam & Tony Mels. Tony reports some excellent speed upwind and some time needed to adapt for crew for tacking and gybing.

The Decksweeper sail is key to note, as the F20FCS or the Vampire M20 were using it.
Heemskerk, Zanen & Houwing sailing the M20 winning Time was 2:57:29

2nd place for  Xander Pols & Stefan Dubbeldam on a Nacra F20FCS and third for William Sunnucks & Mark Self on the other heavily modified and custom equipped foiling Vampire M20.

4th overall real time / 2nd corrected and first F18 were Jolbert van Dijk & Frank de Waard, who after a tough capsize past week they managed to put the Nacra Infusion back together to finish only 6mins later than Sunnucks M20 foiler.

Simon Northrop & Sam Barker had a another good performance on their Infusion / Hyde Sails finishing 4th overall real time at 3:22:35. They also won the toplenzen Texel Dutch Open  with 5 bullets.  TDO Results here

Jolbert , Frank & Simon are on a mission for Denmark F18 Worlds 2017 -

On corrected Time Mischa first,  guess on the 3 crews handicap as F20FCS payed too much for ie, second for Jolbert & Frank on the Infusion F18 and third for Duijndam & Steenvoorden on a Hobie 16.

Round Texel 2017 Full results at registrations.roundtexel.com/finish

Round Texel On corrected time top were :

Position Starting Number Boot type Spinnaker Team Finish Time Corrected Time
1 286 M20 JPS Yes Eduard Zanen/Mischa Heemskerk 02:57:29 03:15:02
2 354 Nacra Infusion F18 Yes Jolbert van Dijk/Frank de Waard 03:18:57 03:18:57
3 266 hobie 16 No Rogier Duijndam/Sonja Steenvoorden 04:02:09 03:21:48
4 278 Nacra Infusion F18 Yes Simon Northrop/Sam Barker 03:22:35 03:22:35
5 48 C2 F18 Yes Vincent Huntelman/Cyril Calis 03:24:24 03:24:24

Round Texel Real Time Top 20:

Position Starting Number Boot type Spinnaker Team Corrected Time Finish Time
1 286 M20 JPS Yes Eduard Zanen/Mischa Heemskerk 03:15:02 02:57:29
30 34 nacra F20 Carbon FCS Yes Xander Pols/Stefan Dubbeldam 03:34:34 03:04:32
66 283 M20 Vampire Yes William D Sunnucks/Mark Self 03:46:21 03:12:24
2 354 nacra F18 Yes Jolbert van Dijk/Frank de Waard 03:18:57 03:18:57
4 278 nacra F18 Yes Simon Northrop/Sam Barker 03:22:35 03:22:35
87 43 nacra F20 carbon Yes Florian Steidle/Christopher Burkart 03:50:51 03:23:09
5 48 C2 Yes Vincent Huntelman/Cyril Calis 03:24:24 03:24:24
7 147 C2 Yes Hans van Dam/Marius van Dam 03:24:54 03:24:54
8 364 nacra F18 Yes Wik Becker/Rob Becker 03:26:31 03:26:31
11 282 nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Yes Bart Damen/Valerie Goudriaan 03:28:41 03:26:36
10 49 nacra infusion Yes Tjiddo Veenstra/Thomas de Jong 03:27:19 03:27:19
13 119 falcon F18 Yes Andy Lutz/Raymond Schlatter 03:29:24 03:29:24
14 161 C2 Yes Leon van Dalfsen/Abel Blaauw 03:29:39 03:29:39
15 192 nacra infusion Yes arjan baas/Tjalko Jansz 03:29:41 03:29:41
16 361 C2 Yes babette den houting/jacob den houting 03:29:48 03:29:48
17 131 formule 18 Yes Rik Duinmeijer/Corstiaan Alessie 03:29:59 03:29:59
18 200 formule 18 Yes Pieter Oskam/Tony Mels 03:30:05 03:30:05
31 184 nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Yes Gunnar Larsen/Lisa Larsen 03:34:36 03:30:18
6 157 Nacra F16 Double Handed Curved Yes Robin Mineur/Sander Mineur 03:24:37 03:30:45
19 20 nacra infusion Yes Eric de Haas/Niels de Haas 03:30:50 03:30:50