Jun 15, 2017

R2AK Race to Alaska 2017: Day 4

Top US F18 sailor Tripp Burd along his borthers are leading the 2017 Race to Alaska on a Morrelli & Melvin custom trimaran.

Tripp's report from yesterday: "..We are through Bella Bella and are thankfully getting back out in the channel and the building breeze. We have had to do some more pedaling to keep moving while the boats behind keep bringing the breeze up from behind. We are working hard to stay ahead. We have not yet gotten a visual on BRODERNA but we know they are there. (We hope you do not see them before Ketchikan)! Not sure what we can do but we think once we are in steady breeze our speed is good.

We believe the peak of the winds have come and gone already. Outside we are expecting to see 29-35 knots as we reach over the top of the next island. We are planning a safe route thereafter according to the conditions. Our boat is in good condition with no damage and we are ready for what comes.
Gotta Go. All is good, no worries."   Follow Team Pure & Wild Fb here

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