Jun 25, 2017

Americas's Cup 2017: Slingby on Oracle changes: "..unstable but Faster.."

Video by Oracle Team USA -  Check comments by Slingby matching what we saw yesterday: They have better speed but the boat is more "unstable and hard to sail".

The problem being every time they hit 'grond' on a failed gybe or tack they lose any knot gained in straight line. In the wind conditions raced till now in the Final, Emirates Team New Zealand continues to be a superior solution overall.

Burling covering head to head yesterday in the second race would have resulted in a win for TNZ. Kiwis foils are giving them the needed speed combined with almost 100% airtime in their gybes & tacks, which in a flying boat will make all the difference vs a boat with newly found speed but unable to sustain TNZ AC50 rhythm on maneuvers.

Try to watch yesterday's races, and count how many times the hard / unstable comments from Slingby were a reality on them failing to foil gybe/tack.

With more wind Oracle might have a chance, but we knew that one from the start of this Final.
In lights to mid range, I no chance but Burling leaving them without implementing a classic tight coverage as we saw in Saturday's second race.

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