Jun 23, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda: AC50 TNZ & Oracle Light Foils shape preview

- *Work in progress, all perspective views* - I've  been working with rules and foils shape to get them on a real dimensions box. Having some doubts on the MWP (Mean water Plane) which defines the total draft below for foils and rudders blades. Above Light winds for TNZ & OR.

The MWP is around 10cm above lowest part of the stern. This and max beam restriction for foils (but not for winglets) plus actual canting gives you a pretty fixed placement for each foil design.

Above are preview sketches, will continue to refine a bit more to complete a entire series of detail renders. Having issues with workstation going dead also, so busy days trying to get all done in time , I will make complete renders with cockpits and else as done with the AC48 to the left, but here the idea is to resolve actual foils placement.

Update: Below,  this is what I had but never finished. Will get it done next months to remember how proper AC foiler should look...!


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