Jun 8, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda: Louis Vuitton Semi Finals Day 3 Results

LV Semis Day 3 review video sent by ACEA / americascup.com - TNZ LV Semis Day 3 review sent by Emirates Team New Zealand - D3 Artemis rewiew by Artemis Racing All images ACEA / Ricardo Pinto &  Gilles Martin-Raget.  -

Best day of  Match Racing in this Cup Edition, so good to watch close action with the AC50s going 25-34knots in 10-14knots of wind.
Try to watch the races as it was a day to remember.
Emirates Team new Zealand saling as nothing happened, awesome job done by the shore crew, check previous posts to know some of their faces, the actual guys who put these weapons together the sailing team to be able to race and for us to enjoy the Show.

Ben Ainslie & Landrover BAR Team put everything they had and even managed to take a win from TNZ, but the Kiwis have an extra gear that the British team could not match.
Ainslie with a little more margin would have been another story, their sailing was perfect with what they have , and it shows also the shore crew and entire team achieved a big amount of improvement from the feedback we all had in the practice races. head high for BAR.

R1.  TNZ had problems at the start (Burling speaking on buttons panel)  BAR goes 25 secs ahead to first reach mark. Later only 10secs to first upwind, and same gap to 2nd gate.TNZ with superior speed downwind and a bit more up. BAR maintaining a small lead reaching the last windward mark as TNZ cross ahead and keeps lead to the finish. Superior speed and maneuvers for New Zealand won the match coming from behind. Nothing to do for BAR.

R2. Close Match Racing for SWE vs JPN. Artemis copying move x move to secure minimum gap. Ahead 15 secs at the first windward , and the covering by the Swede Team continues the entire race. Win for Artemis for an overall 2-3 vs JPN

R3. Better start for BAR, , leading to the gate and 1st windward. A failed foil tack for TNZ, and BAR gains a bit more separation with a split. BAR maintains lead to Mark 5 upwind , around 15 secs ahead and scores a win only legends and a great sailing team can aim for.  Face up for Ainslie racing at maximum of his boat possibilities for a win and 2-4

R4. Nathan going for it towards Barker,  putting  Dean to the left corner of the start, Artemis ahead by 10 secs , and they keep polished foiling and speed the entire race to tie the match 3-3.

R.5 TNZ & BAR both late to the start ,  TNZ ahead at the reach mark with an 8 sec lead already
Nothing to do for BAR the rest of the regatta.  Team New Zealand Tacks are unbelievable, not even an F1 car can do such close turns? Impressive.
Win for the Kiwis and TNZ directly no the LV Finals.

R6. Super close start, JPN a bit ahead, controlling up to the gate and first upwind mark. Artemis working on the split trying to find room to gain mtrs, but Barker and JPN are having a smooth 6th race. The gap is not much but Softbank is in control. Last upwind mark Nathan goes for separation and speeds 1-2 additional knots and decent tacks put SWE ahead on a cross where Japan has to bareaway on rights.
Both keep separation , Nathan  then scores a perfect final foiling tack near the boudaries  before heading to the last windward mark.  JPN fast as always, and  both heading to same buoy on last upwind, Nathan goes pointing directly with Barker crossing with rights but being inside the zone Nathan keeps course and tacks in Barker's face , literally, so close we all thought they were about to crash, incredible and dangerous maneuver by Outteridge , penalty requested by both teams, after tense moments jury gives this time a good one to Artemis and JPN is penalized.

Race over and an incredible end for the best day of Match Racing in Bermuda so far.
Lets go back to real sailing and bring back monohulls......... ?!

Louis Vuitton Semi Finals Day 3 Results:
R1. TNZ 1 vs BAR 0
R2. SWE 1 vs JPN 0
R2. BAR 1 vs TNZ 0
R4. SWE 1 vs JPN 0
R5. TNZ 1 vs BAR 0
R6. SWE 1 vs JPN 0

Emirates Team New Zealand goes to the LV Finals   5-2 over Landrover BAR
Artemis & Softbank will define tomorrow: Series 4-3 for Artemis