Jun 2, 2017

A-Cat European Spring 2017 @Circolo Vela Arco: G7 Kitefoil Winglets

Photos sent by Sergio Mehl -  Sandro Caviezel and the Scheurer Team did not rest this winter. With the complete new platform we published last week along some impressive upwind foiling videos now Sandro has fit a set of Kitefoil winglets , a project he has been working for a while , I've seen the renders once but this is first time he shows them on public on a regatta.

On his performance the previous testing days, the feedback I had is "another league upwind" , they are racing right now at Garda, more info later.
But aside the results how good to see R&D going forward to achieve a full foiling A. No other path left now.

G7 New Platform: catsailingnews.com/2017/05/new-scheurer-g7-2017-step-forward.html
G7 Upwind videos: catsailingnews.com/2017/05/a-class-scheurer-g7-2017-upwind-foiling.html

European Spring Regatta Update: 
Race 1 with plenty of breeze , some breakages & dnf/dns on the tough conditions. Mischa broke a sheet. First place for F18 & Olympic top sailor, and house favorite, Vittorio Bissaro now winning in the A-Class too. Second place for Jakub Surowiec , third for Coen de Koning, another  Olympic Na17 sailor & F18 former 2x World Champ , fourth place for our Argie mate Sergio Mehl  and 5th for Emmanuel Dodé.

Spoke with Sergio mins ago, not much to analyze in terms of performance, survival conds for moments and 1 race only.

Only one race completed on the harsh weather : Full results at www.circolovelaarco.it/images/Risultati_A-CAT.pdf