May 16, 2017

Rutland SC Catamaran Open 2017: Images by Jodie Bawden

Nice pics sent by Jodie Bawden from the Rutland Sailing Club Catamaran Open 2017. Check full gallery at , Jodie's Fb: 2016 A-Class Worlds shots by Jodie here

The feedack I have from the open fleet on handicap is that S1 , the bigger floating sister of Michele Petrucci S9, did pretty well. Winning in occasions over some A-Classics in real time. The did 1-2 knots slower upwind and best asset being handicap racing and good angles downwind on the spi.
Also my comments on the S1 in the breeze and downwind made past week on maybe fitting winglets for downwind on the breeze seems to apply. 
Something quite easy to improve if needed at all for the breeze by Michele, who also builds the full equipped foiling S9, A winglet can be bonded to the blade too quite easily (I remember Andy Scheurer bonding on the spot a broken winglet on the G6  he lent me to race at Bordeaux , a tree pine fell over..!).

The S1 looks fun indeed at it made a good impression at Rutland sailed by experienced Musto Skiff sailor Daniel Henderson.
On the A-Cat fleet Read Gordon's report at IACA's official web:

Below Top Ten Fast Handicap Fleet , Full results for all classes at Rutland SC website

Pos Class Helml Sail Handicap R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Tot
1 S1 Daniel Henderson 2 1.074 1 2 x3 1 2 1 7
2 A Class Classic Dave Lowe 39 1.002 2 1 1 2 2 x7 8
3 A Class Foiling Phil Neal 55 0.981 x7 6 2 3 3 2 16
4 A Class Classic Gordon Upton 4 1.002 dnc 4 4 8 5 6 27
5 Shadow X Malcolm Yates 80 1.113 3 5 5 7 7 x9 27