May 23, 2017

New Scheurer 'G7' 2017: A Step Forward

Images and video sent by Sandro Caviezel. - Lot too see in this totally new Scheurer G7 , 2017 Edition.
Where to start? Looks for the tillers.. they have implemented a similar solution like the Dna F1 to maintain them inside width, in pics  covered by back to transom tramp.
A new straight traveller as the D3s showed at Medemblik, but the biggest change is how forward the beams are set. Around 300cm from transom, which is where we draw with Arno for the FC.
Beams changed shape from the tubular to a more sharp edges, changing looks plenty, but functionality goes beyond the new position , they also have the ability to change the position of the mast step.

Sail is latest DS from Landenberger.
Click images for better view. Video above: small teaser on the new G7 upwind, the flight trim looks more like a Moth on its upwind stability.

Sandro is sailing with standard 9mts mast, and if new short masts can work in light winds as reported by Landy in Australia, then this new G7 with that shorter mast can become a real game changer towards the full foiling A. Lets see how they match against F1 and D3. So good to have Scheurer in constant development and pushing the limits. They have with Andy Scheurer and the Caviezel bros, Sandro & Daniel, an inhouse combined R&D / built experience as very few yards can aim to have.

Comments by Sandro: "We have new beams they allow us to put the mast on different positions on that front beam , that means mast can be place from 2840 to 3000mm (from transom),
2840 is for the standard mast , for the short mast you can just move the mast base forward what allows a longer base of the sail.

The boat performs. We did some prototype testing during winter time with a platform with different daggerboard cases:
1) Standard position
2) "40cm" position
3) Directly behind the front beam

It was interesting to see that the stability gains were just marginal with the daggerboard further forward but the performance lost was obvious.
so we just keep a certain distance from daggerboard to mast base and just moved the whole platform forward.

Another important information: The first boats are already ordered and the capacity of Scheurer Shipyard is very limited compared to other brands. Anyone interested in getting a boat early next year should get in contact with Aron ( as soon as possible.