May 30, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda : LV Day 4 Results

Videos below by ACEA - All images Ricardo Pinto / ACEA Live shots. - Time is running out for Artemis. Yesterday they were  denied a perfect regatta by Nathan. Today first was a rematch from y greatest racing many we've seen: TNZ vs SWE. It was  close racing again,  Nathan left Burling wondering what they hit them on a luff attempt by the Kiwis, check 3rd pic above and vid below. But later a bad gybe / drop down, maybe some issues? Left the Swede team with nothing again and another point almost given away to NZ.

Second race was USA vs FRA, it was a total kill by Spithill at the start and the rest of the legs, Cammas even got a boundary penalty. Oracle was smoking fast and flat stable, scary (for the challengers) sustained speed ,  max vel was tied with Fra at 40knots.

Third race Ainslie dominated the start against Outterdige, and BAR found the smooth tacks , gybes and perf we saw the other day, excellent recovery for the British Team.
Win for Ainslie after losing with Cammas yesterday.

Day 4 results
R1. TNZ 1 vs SWE 0
R2. USA 1 vs FRA 0
R3. GBR 1 vs SWE 0

6pts Oracle Team USA 5 1 1 6
5tps Emirates Team New Zealand 5 1 0 5
4pts Land Rover BAR 2 4 2 4
2pts Artemis Racing 2 5 0 2
2pts SoftBank Team Japan 2 3 0 2
2pts Groupama Team France 2 4 0 2

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