May 29, 2017

America's Cup 2017 @Bermuda : LV Day 3, Glorious Catamaran Racing


Artemis video with penlty crossing footage above. their report here -  All Photos: Ricardo Pinto / Gilles Martin Raget & ACEA Live shots. - More pics & info later. --
Louis Vuitton Series RR1, Day 3: 
To start the Day Team Groupama France faced Bean Ainslie Racing in a the most funded vs the low budget Match. After starting behind the British team Cammas went to their straight line speed and to polish maneuivers, they won won coming from behind again like against Artemis, but it was not only course management but great speed, specially upwind.
What a win for the French sailors after today's early post. They were done already? Think again.

Second race was what we all labeled as favorites to win the LV Cup Challenger series. And they showed why. Burling got Nathan on the start but Artemis confirmed they have an extra gear and went to the hunt.
Lots of close crossings, leveled speeds and handling, with Artemis a bit edgy upwind.

We are past "Multis cannot Match Race" since last cup, but  today we saw Match Race and Sailing at its Best.
Glorious Catmaran Racing , and as many say this is not sailing, well , you know what? I'll take it. This is not sailing as they knew it.
I spoke at least with 3 guys telling me their hear was pumping fast from seeing it. Mine too , even with Cammas one. Amazing show.

Technology and buttons we criticized and maintain as we would like to see crews doing GC32 sailing work were no impediment to put on an incredible show and display of sailing talent by the two teams.

The entire race was close , and the last gate before the final reach was not exception: TNZ with rights but Nathan pushed pedal to full throttle and passed outside with good room for New Zealand to gybe and head for the reach, but Burling forced the gybe baring away (or was forced following the penalty assigned) and got stuck, after a high lift stall and nose up with Artemis speeding to the finish line.

Update: Check comments of ACRM on the penalty here. Artemis was clear. But decision stands and cannot be modified.

We all went crazy, what a move by the Swedes! looked perfect pass, but the umpires assigned them a late given penalty and Nathan had to slow down, New Zealand passed them on the line , the Jury gave the race to them.

Tough defeat for Artemis, but looking forward to next week they showed as much power and drive than the new Kiwi stylized "Tractor".

Best Race I've seen, and we had plenty good ones at San Francisco.
Hats off to all the crews and design , shore teams.

Later Barker and Draper executed a perfect clean start vs Cammas and went to dominate all match to the finish for Japan to score the win. Draper reports "Today's race firmly belonging to our amazing shore team, big damage in our daggerboard case fixed last minute on water. Amazing lads"
Good point for them to maintain chances of qualifying.

If Alinghi vs Oracle was a preview, San Francisco a milestone thanks to New Zealand, Bermuda will be remembered as the place when the new Sailing Era established solid grounds.

Like in 2010 & 2013, how good to be alive watching History as it happens.

Results Day 3:
R1. FRA 1 vs GBR 0
R2. TNZ 1 vs SWE 0
R3. JPN  1 vs FRA 0

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