May 19, 2017

Bermuda LV America's Cup 35 Qualifiers Schedule: 7 Days to Go

Photo; ACEA /  Ricardo Pinto from Final practice races Day 3. Click pic left to enlarge with full schedule. - Seven days to go for the first match of the Louis Vuitton Series , event to decided the final challenger for the Finals against Oracle.
On Friday May 26th Oracle will face Groupama Team France.
Is key to remark that the defender will be participating in these LV series, fact which will bring them even more advantage to fine tuning their defense, nothing to lose for them on the LV series, just huge gains.

Many are asking where to to watch, check and select your country. The app is rather useless and not working in zones where rights are taken (but sometimes not used by TV broadcasters).

From what we've seen, thanks only to MyislandhomeBDA efforts, its going to be a blast, boats looks super responsive and fast, AC72s look old panzer tanks compared to the AC50s. Hope for Ainslie to get some speed going, if not I go for Artemis & New Zealand for the LV finals, but Team Japan joint development with Oracle and great sailors onboard , like Barker & Draper (Waterhouse also part of the team) could surprise.

- Watch Barker's short interview by Americas Cup press: Barker weights on past Cup and preview of Bermuda 
- Coutts 'vlog' : Practice Races are over

LV Qualys , full schedule click pic above or go to

Friday May 26th
Race 1: USA vs France
Race 2: Sweden vs Japan
Race 3: France vs NZ
Race 4: GBR v Sweden
Opening Ceremony

Saturday May 27th
Race 5:
Race 6: GBR vs Japan
Race 7: Sweden vs France
Race 8: USA vs GBR

Sunday May 28th
Race 9: Japan vs NZ
Race 10: USA vs Sweden
Race 11: NZ vs GBR
Race 12: Japan vs USA

Monday May 29th
Race 13: GBR vs France
Race 14: Sweden vs NZ
Race 15: France vs Japan


Tuesday May 30th
Race 1: NZ vs Sweden
Race 2: France vs USA
Race 3: Sweden vs GBR

Wednesday May 31st
Race 4: Japan vs France
Race 5: GBR vs NZ
Race 6: USA vs Japan
Race 7: France vs GBR

Friday June 2nd
Race 8 NZ vs Japan
Race 9: Sweden vs USA
Race 10: NZ vs France
Race 11: Japan vs Sweden

Saturday June 3rd
Race 12: USA vs NZ
Race 13: Japan vs GBR
Race 14: France vs Sweden
Race 15: GBR vs USA

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