May 31, 2017

A-Class Worlds 2017 @Sopot, 120 Entries & Bundock confirmed

Photo Harrison Rietman  -  Good numbers of entries for a new venue for the A-Cat Worlds. Sopot in Poland is the sailing spot for the Exploder local team. Top A-Cat sailor  Jacek Noetzel is organizing the event at the UKS Navigo Sailing Club. Worlds website is

Darren Bundock has confirmed his presence on the entry list, Bundy is pretty busy with the Youth & Olympic coaching for the Australian teams and maybe the only event he will be racing will be this one. With less years than other top sailors in the Class, Bundy has achieved top notch form in little time , he finisihed second behind Mischa Heemskerk in 2016 Worlds at Medemblik.

Shorter masts, new foils and new platforms setups like the 2017 Scheurer G7, are the ongoing developments towards the Worlds. This weekend the European Spring at Garda will see another match between Mischa & Tymek like last year and will be first test for new devels. Dna F1 has maintained platform as is, mainfoils too, rudders feature some mods, will get pics later.  D3 has been developing new foils since Medemblik , castings are now carbon cassettes type along extra long rudders (seen at Garda this week) .

Meanwhile teams continue to train at Circolo Vela Arco in Garda , Tymek & Jakub Surowiec arrived yesterday with their D3s, the F1s gang have been saling for some days with Mischa, PJ, Dodé and Arg Mehl among others.  Entry list for European Spring 2017 here. More info later on the week.

-- Sopot charter wanted: If someone has a D3 or F1 to charter let me know , is for friends wanting to participate.

Worlds 2017 Sopot info: 
Entry List: here
NOR: here

5.1. Races and events are scheduled as follows:
Date Time Event
19.08.2017 09:00-18:00 Registration
20.08.2017 09:00-12:00 Registration
15:00 Practice Race
21.08.2017 12:00 Fleet Racing
22.08.2017 Fleet Racing
23.08.2017 Fleet Racing
24.08.2017 Fleet Racing
25.08.2017 Fleet Racing
18:30 Price Giving & Closing Ceremony
26.08.2017 Reserve Day