Apr 20, 2017

Nacra 17 MKII Tests Flight by Gulari-Scutt (II)

Update: Just informed by Bora Gulari that he put down the Video as it was not intended for public view (took it as referenced below from their own public fb Team Page.) Sorry, but no way to see it now, it was really good footage.
Video posted by Gulari-Scutt Racing -  This is by far the best Nacra 17 MKII video posted till now. Flat waters indeed, but much can be appreciated. Like Bora's foiling hours, vs some other videos of the MKII out there, and how Nacra seems to have missed a bit the gennaker draft/shape (if this is the new prod one for foiling).
They had the same issue with the  Nacra F20FCS, first spi was unusable on high speeds achieved, now the F20FCS has an updated spi design.

Check how Bora has to bare away to maintain spi shape flowing.  For a valid comparison , not much work if any is needed in the Flying Phantom, I crew in the FP  here in BA and I remember just almost being 'stuck' with gennaker sheet, not much to do as the kite flies really good and keeps its lfowing shape in a wide range of angles,  which also permitted to concentrate in body movement to balance pitch.  Alex Sail Innovation FP 'Elite' gennaker it is also a high aspect ratio spi which goes to mast top.

Nacra is on the limelight for being Olympic, so they are exposed widely. Those are the good and bad things of becoming an Olympic boat.
On the flight, the Nacra 17 MKII looks really good on Gulari-Scutt hands, and fast too. Bora made his way to represent the US at Rio, and I think he will have an edge over others crews without any foiling experience as we discussed in his interview a week ago.
Some drop-offs, but I see the kite playing against a better sustained flight and forcing dome heel too, they look pretty gentle also in those flat conditions, I 've seen some harder ones with chop/waves.

The MKII flight is impressive, any catsailor capable to foil his A, will have a fest on the new Nacra 17, a statement based only in how other crews without foiling hours are flying the N17 like expert pilots. Thoug Bora's foiling gybes and smooth rides are till now the best I've seen.
The longer span boards are making their job too. Excelent design package delivered by Morrelli & Melvin.

Lange & Carranza are testing the boat right now in Ned. Will get Santi's impressions next weeks.