Apr 17, 2017

M32s WMRT Coconut Grove Cup 2017: Evan Walker 1st

Photos & Videos: WMRT.com. Video above shows an excellent Match Race coverage , lets see what ACEA has for Bermuda in some weeks, at least to see the replays, if available. meanwhile the WMRT continues to provide complpete media coverage
At Coconut Grove the M32s have their second US event of the season:
 " Miami, USA (April 15th, 2017) – In a day filled with leaderboard upsets, the event winner was decided rounding the final mark in the final race of the regatta. Australia’s Evan Walker and his Team KA Match struck lucky on the last beat to win the final cross and pop a wheelie on the finish line to take the win in style..."

Full report at wmrt.com/evan-walker-steals-coconut-grove-cup-at-final-turn/
Coconut Grove 2017 Overall
1 Evan Walker
2 Nevin Snow
3 Anthony Kotoun
4 Jeremy Wilmot
5 Harry Price
6 Daniel Bjornholt
7 Marcus Edegran
8 Jo Aleh
9 Chris Poole
10 Viktor Serezkhin