Apr 4, 2017

Eurocat 2017 @Yacht Club Carnac: April 27 - May 1st

The Eurocat is one of the biggest races in Europe with a long lasting tradition ,  this edition being their 31st one. We've covering the regatta for many years and it was the place for new F18 design launches and preview of things to come for the Worlds. Later the foilers to prove themselves in the raid and the Eurocat will continue to be the a place to test your skills and equipment.
Their Long Distance is also up there with Texel . Yacht Club Carnac is  located in a beautiful sailing Britanny area nearby Trinite Surmer , base port for Spindrift and other french teams , and the incredible Gulf de Morbihan. So besides top notch racing I recommend this regatta for a good holiday trip too.

2017 Registration link at yccarnac.com/eurocat_inscriptions.html