Mar 14, 2017

New custom F18 from Italy

Good to see Italian sailors going for a new F18 design. Past years another custom F18 was born there designed & built by Luca Filippi, the 'Banga' . Banga looks great and had good performance and travelled to St Barts also. But Luca is now busy building the Nr 1 racing Kitefoil , named 'Banga' too.

This new F18 , named "Bullet" from Pescara , Italy, was published by the Croatian F18 Assoc , announcing they will attend the third edition of the Murter Challenge , sailed in a great local venue.

Will get more info on this new 'Bullet' project soon which has a Wildcat looks with its bow rails and similar bow cut., Great news having another F18 out there.

For the 2017 Worlds 115 entries so far, and surely more coming, updated preview next weeks as more top guns have registered.
Denmark 2017 F18 Worlds official at