Mar 28, 2017

FP Essentiel: "Friendly Foiling"

All images Pierrick Contin . Video Phantom International. - So good to see Maurice Floch flying on the Essentiel. I met him at Carnac 2014,  he was working with Alex for the Flying Phantom project. I remember that week I spent some time with him and we talked on cats and life itself. Maurice is a great guy and avid catsailor at 63yrs old now,  Alex later told me also he was a great fan of this web.
Maurice had some good flight on the original racer FP but clearly the Essentiel is more suit for us... older guys! I'm 44 and my back is already hurting so the Essentiel providing a more gentle ride is great news. In the video you can watch how this new FP provides a forgiving and easy going first ride.

Easy first flight helming seated on the wings, it doesn´t get any more friendlier than this for this Z foil system.