Mar 22, 2017

Back on track for Billy Besson

One of the most heart breaking sailing  stories I've seen was Billy and Marie from last Olympic campaign, the French crew dominated the  Nacra 17 Class at will for 4 consecutive years. But before Rio 2016, Billy suffered a back injury who left him handicapped to compete at top level, he was literally put onboard his boat from a wheel chair every day.

After back surgery Billy is back and will sail wit Amelie Riou, Marie will go for the Volvo Ocean race along Carolijn Brouwer.

The Nacra 17 MKII will be a full foiling boat, and Billy has experience in foiling the Hydros C-Class and some A-Class flights plus the mode top sailors found for the Nacra 17 MKI, he has an excellent background to re gain his competitive drive.

Video above made by our friends from Forward Sailing.