Mar 10, 2017

AC Endeavour program & Hobie Regatta: Dutch Girls selected for Bermuda

Sent by Kees Krijger & van Houwelingen from Catclub Zeeland . Nice to see two youth catsailor girls getting stoked saling cats and having the chance to going to Bermuda. Club work is fundamental for youth & kids sailing and is always good to see them behind these projects.---------
Dutch Hobie girls go to Bermuda
A few days ago, Fay and Mae got to hear the great news from David Brookes, executive director of the International Hobie Class Association (IHCA). The were selected to compete in the America’s Cup Endeavour Hobie Regatta.

16 teams of young sailors from all over the world will compete on Hobie Waves as part of the America’s Cup. Qualifying races will be contested leading up to the main event: the Hobie Wave halftime race in front of the America's Cup TV cameras and thousands and thousands of spectators on June 24, 2017. In their clip below, Fay and Mae introduce themselves to show their skills and tell the organizers why they would love to go to Bermuda and be part of the biggest and oldest sailing event of the world. Which 13 year old girl wouldn’t dream about that? Sailing Hobie is their way of life!"

Fay and Mae go to Bermuda from Youth Cat Racing on Vimeo.

Americas Cup Endeavour program:
The America’s Cup is teaming up with some of the biggest names in the marine industry to launch an ambitious youth education and sailing program - the AC Endeavour Program - with a focus on leaving a sporting legacy in Bermuda.

More details on the project at