Mar 27, 2017

AC35 @Bermuda Practice Races Results, March 22-26 2017

Images by Austin Wong / ACEA & Artemis Racing - Following the rumours on performances and issues for each team the practice race results are showing available info was right on the spot, at least for now.
Nice to see Artemis keeping the pace.
This Cup is going to be plenty more fun than last one, less surprises for sure, and lets hope for TNZ to be on par or above the Bermuda squad to have an even greater show.

Full report by Artemis here:"...
Artemis Racing had a tough start on Friday losing their first two races in windy and wavy conditions. But the team finished the day with a win against Oracle Team USA, and then went on a strong winning streak, grabbing every point available on Saturday and the first three races on Sunday.

”It got much lighter, and I was really pleased with the way we were able to step it up”, said Nathan Outteridge. He continued, ”It all came down to our final race with Oracle. We started strong, lead for the majority, but they got a shift on the last beat, and managed to get in just ahead of us. We’ve certainly learnt a lot, and now we have a bit of time to start working on improving the way we sail the boat, the way we race the boat, as well as installing a few upgrades.
Practice Races results  source:

Practice Races period  22-26 March 2017: Unofficial Results

Oracle Tam USA 9 2 82.00%
Artemis Racing 7 3 70.00%
SoftBank Team Japan 2 2 50.00%
Land Rover BAR 2 8 20.00%
Groupama Team France 1 6 14.00%