Mar 23, 2017

A-Class: Learning upwind foiling in the breeze, The wave smashing method...

Banging the Corners published an hilarious video of BAR smashing the AC while docking at Bermuda,  it made me laugh like their Oracle flip at SF bay one. Check their yt channel here
Seeing that one reminded me on the dock post I hit here in the F18 Worlds.. And to continue laugh I thought on posting this onboard cam I made this Tuesday. Not much quality and lens blurred on condensation but worth to post, it was a harsh day to sail As, we went out with two friends in their F1, one had a frontal flip.

Although we can sail in the breeze and chop, we always prefer to take car of equipment.
While we were all going back, I decided to push a bit upwind, and I got my real first upwind small airborne time along smashing some breaking chop...!

It was pure adrenaline , the J/Z foils are great from midrange winds to above, coupled with my assy winglet I can manage pretty decent flights downwind as posted.
But upwind foiling is a whole new game, and this was the first step to of the steep learning curve, is the downwind foiling process all over again.

This process is easier with newer platforms with a more forward cases/beam position and updated Z foils, and also on retrofitted platforms.

The A14 I sail has no modification made, so its a little more hard, but surely a great training for the day I'll be able to upgrade at least mainfoils, also might cut case and move forward after the feedback I got from Brayshaw who along Brad Collet did the same on their respective A15 and A13 for the 2017 Aus Nats.
The Decksweeper sail (re cut or news) is also fundamental and will provide more stable and sustained flights.