Feb 24, 2017

Vendee Globe 2016/17: Conrad Colman arrived. Respect.

Photos: Conrad Colman press & Vendee Globe - Just came in from an excellent Friday late session with perfect sunset and A-Cat foiling conds.. comparing recreational sailing to what these guys do is walking to the club vs climbing the Everest.
Many other sailors have arrived offshore regattas with jury rigs in the past, nevertheless doing round the World solo adds a 'little' special ingredient to the adventure,  Conrad also had several other issues in this incredible voyage. Finishing is more than a great achievement, it's a mark of endurance and inner force (that in a complete diff context) can be traced to Ernest Shackleton.

Ultimate respect and without a doubt many teams will want to have him as part of their crew.
I know you read the web Conrad, glad you arrive safe & sound. Hats off mate!

- Check his short logbook  in video above and at Vendee golbe web vendeeglobe.org/en/news/18985/new-zealand-s-conrad-colman-finishes-under-jury-rig-for-16th
- Conrad's web at conradcolman.com/actualites

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