Feb 20, 2017

Stunt 9 Foiling gybe by John Tomko

Not a perfect video, but more than fair enough to show proof of John Tomko's foiling gybe with the Petrucci Design S9. This boat has such a smooth ride, yesterday night one local A-Cat sailor friend told me "Martin, lets sell the As and go for an S9!" . I replied that indeed the S9 is a great cat and has a super stable flight, Charlie Mayer's footage is rather shaky but you can see John being pretty relaxed the whole time.
Of course John can also do foiling gybes and he is an epxert FP helm, but in any case the S9 is providing him with lots of margin.

The S9 looks really good too aside from the gybe and its clear an option to simplify and maximize airborne time. My friend and this footage is making to think twice on going for one, but I still have some years left to continue pursuing the unaided foiling program.

In the other hand I see plenty of guys targeting the S9, with foiling experience like John or those without ever tried any foiler. Michele's boat will provide both camps with lots of thrills and perfect flights.

Contact Michele for info on the S9 at www.s9catamaran.com-

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