Feb 12, 2017

Artemis Racing, Road to Bermuda: Season 2 , Episode 11

SE2/EP11: Artemis Racing - Road to Bermuda. Source http://artemis-racing.americascup.com
Glad to have the Sweden team investing in media coverage for their campaign, they are doing the work of ACEA in this regard. More footage from Bermuda , onboard & drones.

Plus some surfski paddling, which is a great training tool. As kid we trained K1/K2s, and still have to row the surfski I designed, my brother still to finish cedar male mold, although another custom wood version has been already tested in the US (click photo left) by a paddler & builder I gave him the cad file, Walter Kirchhoff , who was finshing the built, but couldn´t help to launch it!  More on this soon.