Jan 10, 2017

Jules Verne Trophy: Joyon / IDEC Sport 1800NM ahead of BPV Record

Images & Video IDEC SPort Sailing www.idecsport-sailing.com. 1800NM is quite a gap over Loick Peyron's & Banque Populaire record. I hope the IDEC crew can maintain rhythm. BPV record: Final official time: 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes 53 seconds

Current IDEC data
- Chrono: 25 Days, 09hs, 6mins , 1Sec.
- Pos: 58° 10.77'S - 0.88° 23.12'W
- 90° 30.4knots  VMG: 100%
- Dist to Finish: 7,699.3NM
- Ahead prev record: 1884 NM

Last year IDEC & Spindrift II attempted to break the record without success. Spindrift plans another go as they subtlety confirmed some days ago.
Check Jules Verne Trophy label for historical data on the Round the World crossing.

Note: 'Round' as spherical ... not a disc as latest nuts & naive enthusiasts advocates of the flat Earth Theory affirm. 21st Century, imagine these kinds of blind fanatics centuries ago....
We are surrounded by sphere shaped planets, satellites and suns  but according to these people Joyon and the IDEC crew are travelling through a flat earth disc
Common sense, observation and Logic are clearly not part of this hilarious theory, also refuted by our Jules Verne sailors.

IDEC Live tracking : www.idecsport-sailing.com/live-map/?lang=en
10 January 2017

With less than a thousand miles to go to the Horn, IDEC SPORT is charging ahead towards the third and final major cape in the round the world voyage. In a twenty-knot westerly wind, the six men are pushing hard, foot on the accelerator with a series of gybes in this final stretch in the extreme south. This morning sailing at between the 57th and 58th parallel, Francis Joyon, Alex Pella, Sébastien Audigane, Gwénolé Gahinet, Clément Surtel and Bernard Stamm have taken their lead to 1700 miles in this Jules Verne Trophy attempt.
full report  here

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