Jan 5, 2017

Dart Worlds 2017: August 4-12 @YC Scharbeutz Ostsee, Ger

Photo: Pierrick Contin -  Legacy OD classes have great level of competition, the Hobie 16 along the Dart 18 are great expamples. Below Dart 18 Worlds Info sent by Joerg Gosche :
"DART Worlds 2017 will be taking place in August at the Baltic Sea in Germany. For anyone who likes competition in an Low-Tech absolute One-Design Class, where the material does´t count a dime  the DART 18 still is an interesting class. Roman Hagara, Bill Besson, Remco Kenbeek and many other top-sailors sharpened their skills on the DART.

We hope to see 100+ boats on the startling line in beginning of August at one of the best beaches and sail grounds on the Baltic Sea, only 100km motorway from Hamburg Airport. Charter boats are available."

Dart 18 Worlds 2017:
Where & When August 4th – 12th 2017
41th Anniversary Dart18
Yacht Club Scharbeutz Ostsee
23683 Scharbeutz
Strandallee 98 a
Official Class annoucement:
Deadline for the low entry fee: Up to 31.01.2017 280 euros, until June 30th 325 euros, then 350

There are more than 30 participants by now and we hopefully will be as many as in Medemblik by the end of July 2017. For further details check our website: http://www.dartworlds2017.com/participants/

We have found a perfect solution for boat trailers and motorhomes with water and electricity right next to the location of the saling club, please see the map. Beach, sailing club and trailers will be in 3 minutes walking distance. If you want to find out more about the trailerpark, please check here: http://ostseestrand-campingplatz.de/ferienpark.

Reservations should be made early since it will be high season and Scharbeutz will be very busy and crowded in August. Motorhomes have to pay 20 Euro per day. You can also bring your tent or rent a small house.
Please contact us by email: mail@dartwordls2017.com

For those who might want to come by airplane. Hamburg is not far away and there are lots of cheap flights with Ryanair, Germanwings and Eurowings, Easyjet and more. http://ham.fltmaps.com/de. We will try to help with boatcharter and more. Dont hesitate to contact us if you need help.
Please contact us by email: mail@dartwordls2017.com

We are trying to organise a childcare service. If you are interested, please let me know in advance and write to elmar.janik@gmx.de. Please add information about age, language abilities and let me know if its a boy or a girl.

See you at Scharbeutz in August!
DDKV organizing committee
Bernd and Elmar