Dec 25, 2016

Phantom Essentiel first Ride

Video source: Phantom International Fb - Four foils down is the way to go for new foilers, recreational or racing alike. Yesterday the Phantom International team launched the Essentiel within some pretty good waves, so a nice chance to see out of the box how the boat reacts with it's new conf as it has the same hull as the Flying Phantom.

Just a teaser and more footage coming but we can appreciate it is a safer flatter ride, on the FP / F20 you need to be on trap and you can fall to windward with a possible capsize, the short clip doesn´t show long stable flights but we can appreciate the versatility of the 4pt foil conf.

Needless to day you can modify rake and go skimming / floating mode as we can do on the A-Cats with a clear deck in contrast with the 3pt foil conf which maintains a dangerous trailing edge exposed.
Together with its price, the Essentiel will have a broader market than the specialized FP racing machine.