Dec 5, 2016

I-Fly 15 new soft wing @Salon Nautique Paris

This version of the I-Fly could make some waves with a 8.4mts mast. Still I don´t like wands to race on cats (Optimized 4pt foiling will be the best compormise solution in the future) but with the info we have on the S9 doing good at Garda on a multi class race, if this I-Fly can perform in a similar way we could start seeing the recreational wand system cat foilers stepping into the racing arena. Still much to be tested and proven on a regatta (a multiclass Long Distance for ie) like the I-Fly and soft wing itself but a good bet from them.

Image & info sent by Arno Terra - "New rig for the iFly designed by me equipped with a Softwing designed by Giulio Ivani from Heru sails. Mast is a Saarberg, 8.4m, A-Class section with a Deck sweeper boom from Exploder.
Sail area including mast is 14.5 sqm

This is a a more powerful rig for a wide 2.55m boat, the high performance version of the I-Fly."
More pics at their fb page