Dec 14, 2016

CSN Boat of the Year 2016: DNA F1 A-Class

Top notch F1  video filmed & Edited by Francisco Vignale - Rider: Sergio Mehl , Rio de la Plata, Dec 2016 (Video has some device restrictions due to soundtrack , you can watch it embedded though from a cel. The author will upload tomorrow to an alternative channel . Update: Watch Vimeo version embedded below)  ----
Winning on its first Worlds was achievement for Mischa and the F1 team, although the boat already had the actual legacy of the previous 4x World Champ design, the new bet from DNA had some design risks.
In fact the first series of boats had some built issues and its now a well known fact (after Medemblik  measurement) that the F1 is built overweight, around 85kg.  I remember a boat it was discarded, not even sailed in Barcelona 2013 on being 10kgs over 75kg min.

Beyond the looks, the F1 has some serious design hours behind (and some concepts taken out and fully improved  from the cad/render I did for Arno Terra's Flying Carpet, like hidden tiller bars, angular front beam, more forward beam & case position and aero oriented smaller hulls) , a forward beam & dagger case position from the DNA 2015 version and some pretty impressive functional features as the on the water clamps trim for the rudders rake plus an aero oriented platform, from winged front beam to the continued lines from back beam to crossbar combined with a super tight tramp.

All in all the F1 is a weapon in looks , design and performance. But one of the key aspects I've seen here live, is that the boat is easier to foil than previous Dnas, this proven with rookie owners and experienced ones coming from the 15 design.

In all its glory, we need to remark that the boat had some issues as reported above, and it has still an bottom insert failure/problem , which is costly to fix and you have to even remove a fiberglass addon bonded permanently to hull exit case on the bottom.

I wrote to DNA / HC on the matter, and they told me they are working on it. As always customer service is the ultimate solution , as all boats from any brand and class have issues, but is the way the vendor resolve those issues which actually defines the reputation in the long term.

DNA / HC keeps innovating , building and leading the A-Class development, we want them to continue that great path along providing top notch customer service to their valued clients who are spending +30k on brand new F1s.

I can tell you the boat worth it but keep an eye on post sale services. PJ and his partners are wise guys and will surely continue to improve their products and services in the same way
along World Champ Mischa Heemskerk , they have taken the A-Class to literally new heights.

Just watch Sergio Mehl's video above and judge for yourself the performance this boat can deliver.
Top notch video filmed & Edited by Francisco Vignale.

For more info and details of the F1 check

Below Vimeo version for cell phones:

Foiling Rio de la Plata (Sergio Mehl) from Matias Helman on Vimeo.