Nov 30, 2016

Diam24 OD Updates

Photo: Jean-Marie Liot from Haineville Team - The Diam24 OD Class aims to continue its floating mode and it is the right path to follow, like the F18 we need top level multihull classes where anyone can race and sail from 5 to 25knots. Foiling devel is not right there for small cats to offer safe rides for every level. The 3pt TNZ foil set up is extremely fast but not for rookies above certain wind range and the A-Class 4pt foil conf, now adopted by Nacra 15/17 and Phantom Essentiel (to be seen at Paris next days) are in the right path but still need to demonstrate an easy going flight mode beyond the excellent and additional margin downwind provided by the foils lift.

So Diam24 OD Trimarans remains a great option, and as always I would certainly race with friends onboard, I think is the right size and perfect multi alternative to Melges fleets and the like.

Below updates sent by ADH Inotec / Diam24OD on the Class and why they wont be displaying a boat at coming Paris Boat Show.
« Nautic » : WHERE IS THE DIAM24OD? 
Objective 2017
To innovate and adapt to the evolution of sailing. To maximize your time for sailing and leisure by removing as many of the constraints as possible. Since the inception, our concept of the Diam24od offers an environment conceived to optimize your leisure time and dedicate it exclusively to the pleasure of sailing.

Thrilling sensations and speed, ALL for pleasure: it is the Diam24od « way of sailing ».
After 3 seasons, the Diam24od is satisfying all levels of sailors (multihull beginners, amateur speedsters and regattiers as well as the seasoned professionals – age doesn’t matter). Accessible for everyone and truly “fun”, she offers a wide range of use from high level regattas to festive long-distance sailing as well as simple day sailing. It is a boat with a universal appeal!

The Diam24od is full of tricks:
Some people only see innovation in sailing through “foils”. We have a different vision: our main
objective is to enable as many sailors as possible – experienced or otherwise – to experience and learn high speed sailing in complete safety.

The Diam24od is innovative through her pure multihull qualities of high performance, rigidity, lightness, reactivity, seaworthiness, through the technology of her carbon mast, her ease of assembly and disassembly; her transport solutions like the Dbox* and by her minimal maintenance and management requirement.

We offer a service network of local agents, accredited boatyards and sailmakers, strict class rules, supported by RFID tracking of controlled components via an application on your smartphone.

A schedule of rich and varied sporting events, our development of fleets in geographic pockets makes the Diam24od a booming series.

An innovative distribution network.
The innovative concept of the D24od needs a modern method of distribution.
In 2017, as the class grows we are setting up our international sales network to support the demand of many countries with a new innovative distribution model.

Dynamic Networks flourish
Considering that you are our best Ambassador – become a D24od “Business Provider”. To sail in regattas, everyone needs everyone – as early as 2017 the status of Business Provider will be a reality. It is a simple principle, you declare yourself in giving your contact details, you inform us about a potential future owner, we anticipate and take care of this prospect and then if we make a deal, you receive a commission on the sale.

Networks connect – your local support the “the Agent-Coach”
Supporting you in your D24od local fleets in France or abroad – we develop our network of Agents-Coaches using the same model.

One manufacturer makes sure you have a perfect one-design and excellent cost management. Your boat will be delivered directly to you by the boatyard or the network agent.

“Agents-coaches” are facilitators and stimulators of your sailing activity and are involved in the local and association, environment and life of the class. They offer coaching, are technical relays and handle all services around the Diam24od: delivery, maintenance, repairs, logistics, assembling/disassembling, transport, storage…

Our first agents are taking their place in France, Switzerland, Guadeloupe, UK and in Belgium…

The D24od “turnkey” regatta service – Come to a regatta and sail – ONLY sail
Choose your regattas and training sessions, we will deliver your boat ready to sail! Thus, you dedicate 100% of your time to sailing, and at the end of your weekend you take your time to go to the award ceremony or to debrief with your coach. It is the guarantee to go back home with peace of mind and full of great memories… This service is available for owners, but also for all people who want to rent/charter a boat.

A schedule of varied events: sporty, very sporty and festive
The 2017 schedule will offer regattas close to your home, in one of the 4 sailing basins, at 3 levels. This year, we are also offering turnkey events, providing a fleet of six boats, available for rental, with on and off the water organization and logistics to ensure a memorable sporting weekend.

The first of these « Diam24od Events » will be take place in March 2017, in Bordeaux, combining course as well as point to point racing on the Gironde, with wine tasting and festive moments ashore.

The Diam24od « way of sailing », zero constraints, 100% fun!
No stand for the Diam24od at the Paris Boat show this year. Our trimaran prefers the waters of Australia, Bermuda, USA, and Tahiti to the Parisian asphalt alleys… However, the team from ADH inotec and the Association of the Diam24od Class does welcome you to Hall 1 booth K58.

Reminder General Meeting of the Class: on Saturday, the 3rd of December at 16h45, FIN Booth (Hall 1 A61), open for all members.
* the DBox : a unique and innovative transport box for the Diam24od, which can be loaded on a trailer or a truck to economize and consolidate boat transport, entrusting it a professional transporter: zero constraints, 100% fun.
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