Oct 6, 2016

New Full Foiling Nacra 17 Test footage

Video from last week courtesy of Carl Jones, Nacra UK dealer. For Nacra 15 & 17 and the rest of the brand line contact him: carl (at) nacra.co.uk
Later flight and daggercase position analysis plus custom 3D views of new foils.

Comments by Carl:
"Video features Kiwis Micha Wilkinson and Liv Mackay on was their first day sailing the new Nacra 17 being tested in Netherlands.
The UK team is also over there testing , they were out there in 25 knots today and comments are the boat is "was ballistically fast foiling upwind and downwind" this from a crew also used to sail an FP.

Micha and Liv were sailing in 6 to 14 knots, with it foiling downwind in about 7 to 8 knots..."
Carl is expecting some photos and additional videos for tomorrow, including detail of the control system for the boards and rudder system being used , he will also get more feedback from the sailors about the boat.