Oct 18, 2016

Nacra 17 MKII Foils preview

Roughly the shape , dimensions and position of the Nacra 17 MKII  foil package. Have some confirmation on being pretty close though by more than reliable sources.  I founded some time today to finish the sketch along the F18 Worlds prep, next post will show comp with curved foil/case pos and old rudders.
I have talked to some locals sailors who sailed Nacra 17 and also Nacra F20 and they have concerns how the new foil system will work on waves.
I told them the A-Cat 4pt system works really good in chop. In high breeze and short waves the Nacra F20FCS with 3pt foil system a la TNZ has some tendency to lose grip and fall flat hard, reason why the local F20 owners put the beast in skimming mode or lower the TNZ J foil.

Video above the MKII can be seen doing rather good in reported 24knots and waves, but those are not at all as our steep chop either way.
Check more new videos being uploaded at the Nacra 17 Class website.

The Class ownership was taken by the sailors some months ago with the election of new president and manager. Marcus Spilane & Ben Remocker will try to find some room to defend sailors interests but ISAF/WS has already decided their ways, this is going to be the new Olympic boat for 2020.

As per Nacra the many times mentioned quality issues of the MKI which were vox populi,  the company along MM have addressed a new structural platform along new foils resulting in a new boat altogether.
The difference in performance of this new weapon compared to the MKI that compete at Rio can surely be related to what Glenn Ashby & Mischa Heemskerk did to the A-Cat floaters (and foilers alike) at Punta Ala 2015. When those two were up on foils in 5-7knots, it was another sport altogether.
A preview was published on Tom Phipps video where the MKII was foiling better angle and speed upwind that the MKI.
In terms of design, performance and appeal this new Nacra 17 might even set the new beachcat racing standard.

We hope Nacra have nailed the structural part this time, they have no more room for failures and together with WS should compensate  those who already invested and will continue to campaign with special discounts for buying new boats or kits.
More info soon on Class situation updates.

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