Oct 9, 2016

Nacra 17 , 2016 Foiling Version: Upwind Test

That's an impressive clip considering the other Nacra 17 sailing with former curve boards.
In the A-class upwind foiling is being developed by sailors and till now vmg does not pays beyond some tactical move.
Although past week we made some additional tests with the F1 against Mischa 2015 Dna in floating mode upwind, and the result was for the first time same angle double speed for the F1 foiling upwind.
I even got better vmg with the A14 but now more hours on the F1 for our local best rider seem to be paying big time.

This little description can be compared then with Nacra 17 video above filmed by Tom Phipps & Nikki Boniface. If new Nacra 17 foils are killing consistently former curved boards upwind vmg, then we are on the verge of a new stage for the foiling racing beachcats.

Below some preview of the render I'm working on, not much time as F18 racing keeps going here in BA, report on Tuesday, as 3 more races schedule for tomorrow to complete 5 days of great sailing.

Check more videos of the Nacra 17 tests made this weeks at http://www.nacra17class.com/initial-testing-nacra-17-mk2/