Oct 26, 2016

HH 77/88 @Fort Lauderdale Boat Show , Nov 3-7, 2016

Sent by HH Catamarans , more info at hhcatamarans.com/hh77/  , below nice clip on the concept hand drawings.
"We are excited to announce HH Catamarans will be attending this year's Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and we will have a model of the HH77/88 on display.
The event starts on November 3rd and ends on the 7th. Show exhibits range from yacht builders and designers to exotic cars and brokerage yachts.

Paul Hakes and other members of the HH team will be available at the show and to discuss specifications, options, and to offer technical and operational advice for optimizing your HH Cat, whether it be for cruising, racing, or both!

Please contact us today at sales@hhcatamarans.com so that we can schedule some dedicated time with you during the show.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to the newest member of our quickly growing HH Catamaran family - the HH77/88. HH Catamarans are the only 100% all carbon, luxury catamaran on the market today. Our HH77/88 catamaran is ready to go into production and this design is all about customization. The hull can be build to sizes ranging from 77' to 88' according on the needs of our clients and everything from the dimensions of the boat to the interior layouts and finishes, can be tailored. The result is a truly unique vessel handcrafted to suit individual requirements and desires.

She will have good upwind speed, a generous sail area down wind, and will be built from carbon fiber, ensuring safety and strength. She'll cruise with ease at speeds of 25+ knots in most oceanic conditions. At sea she will provide a smooth and powerful ride and, once docked in the marina or anchored in the bay, she becomes a floating palace.

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