Oct 28, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016: Measurement Day 1

Work time for F18 founding fathers Pierre-Charles Barraud & Olivier Bovyn. I arranged with them that many sails and boats were going to be measured first time, and today we have plenty , even some made by North Argentina to measure.
Great disposition and attitude by Pierre specially as beyond being founder of the Class with Olivier he is the Official Measurer.
A local team of measurers help him and Olivier and he had some intense work with excellent attitude and I saw him happy on how assistants were learning his special indications for the F18 sails.
Olivier meanwhile also organized racing aspect with super Pro local racing crew from the Yacht Club Argentino.

Atmosphere and climate is quite good in Buenos Aires for the weekend too, and we expect light wind on Monday followed by +20knots Tue/Wed.
Tomorrow more measurement of sails and boats , which will follow till Sunday included where we will have the practice race.

Worlds Cups are not only about sailing. Yesterday we took Mike Drummond and his wife Caz , along Mike's brother & crew Ian, to a traditional Argentine grill (Parrilla) . They tasted lots of local different meat asado 'cuts' as we say here and of course a first class Malbec and local deserts.
Having Mike coming here is a great honor, such a talented designer / sailor , several ACup winner and also AC hall of Fame racing F18s with us for me is a humbling experience and always a chance to continue learning from him.
We spoke a lot of many subjects on Arg & NZ , but of course he didn´t let go the Team Japan wing breakage (remember Mike was the main man behind Oracle's Trimaran Wing among other AC innovations) , watch the video again and take a look at 4 secs, to see what you can identify as the origin of the wing's implosion.

Great times and mood in Buenos Aires , Preparations for the Worlds will continue till Sunday , first racing signal is scheduled for Monday 12pm.