Oct 30, 2016

F18 Worlds 2016 @Buenos Aires: Practice Race by Capizzano

In Argentina we are proud of hosting the 2016 F18 Worlds and having the Nacra 17 Gold Medal in Rio in the same year, but we are also very proud on having talented Professionals like Matías Capizzano. Some more pics at this Fb page , his web www.capizzano.com.

All sailors focused and good vibes all around, today we had the open ceremony and a coctel by the Club. Later or tomorrow some pics & video.
We will have Capizzano and some days of video and drones too.

Official Racing starts tomorrow Monday 12PM. Good SE conditions today and Light winds expected for tomorrow and strong offshore for Tuesday/Wednesday.

Official website for results tomorrow: f18worlds2016.org.ar
Fb of the Worlds by YCA: facebook.com/F18Worlds2016