Sep 16, 2016

The Foiling Week 2016 @Newport: Long Distance for Tomko & Atwood

Photos: Martina Orsini / TFW full gallery at The Foiling Week. Quite rare to see all these weapons sailing one to one on a long distance race. The Kite foil has an advantage , but it's also a quite different weapon. Moth has a similar status against foiling cats, so pretty interesting to see them even  as John Tomko describes and final results show.

From the many tests we did here on Flying Phantom vs Nacra F20, we don´t have a definitive answer as seen on all the different reports I posted. International races we have Texel for the F20c with FP out beforehand, Florida 300 for Casey F20c, 2016 Carnac for FP and this one for Tomko & Atwood on the FP.  Hard  then statistics show a tie 2 x 2.

At Newport Melvin & Burd broke their tiller extension, check Tripp's gopro shot above, but which is part of any race as when the FP was grounded at Texel.
So still more racing and tests needed to match performance between them to have a definitive answer, till now it seems pretty even and might depend on sailors too, we'll see here in BA to do more test & races this summer after the F18 Worlds.
Above 7/8 knots would be nice to have a latest A-Cat too, more after Sandro Caviezel's report some weeks ago

From Newport official reports says a close finish "meters away from each other" over a 15 miles long distance.

1st) John Tomko & Johnathan Atwood - Flying Phantom
2nd) Pete Melvin & Tripp Burd - Nacra F20c
3rd) Matt Struble - Moth

More info on the TFW next week. Below some comments from Tomko on the Foiling Week Long Distance and the FP & S9 he and Charlie Mayer offered to sailors at the event:
The Foiling Week was an awesome opportunity for us.
"We took the Flying Phantom and 2 Stunt 9's from Texas to Newport. We were able to give 14 demo rides between the Phantom and the Stunt 9's.

We also had the chance to do the distance race with Moths, Wazps, Foiling Kites, Nacra 20FCS, Stunt 9's and the Flying Phantom.

That was a ton of fun getting all the different foiling crafts lined up together. At one point midway through the race we had a Moth, Kite, Nacra FCS, and the Phantom all lined up together ripping downwind.

It was a beautiful site to see. Pretty cool getting to race against guys like Bora Gulari, Matt Struble, Don Montague, Pete Melvin, and Tripp Burd in the same race.

Thanks to my crew Jonathan Atwood for all the hard work you put into this. I would also like to thank Charlie Mayer from Texas for letting us take his S9's and demoing them. Most of all thank you Lupe Tortilla and Bacardi for giving us this opportunity."