Sep 13, 2016

F18 Italian Nats @Pescara: Elia Mazzucchi & Jacopo Lisignoli Champs

Images & report Sent by Alessandro Pelliccia / - Full results here.
"Three days to give the title and seven tests on nine-course in difficult water condition with a strong turbulence which affected the whole central south. First day the wind from the north quadrant between 8 and 15 knots, rough seas with short and steep waves, which put a strain on the sailing of these acrobatic sports catamarans. Second day with similar conditions if not for a slight drop of the wind, but for both days all the competition were completed

Last day started with heavy rain. The Committee expected confident and sent the boats in the water as soon as the sky started to open. As soon as the sun began to warm and with a wind at the edge of the regulation gave the start. A test with wind intensification up to 10 nodes to give the title, title that was in challenge until the second day. At the end at the last short the Mazzucchi-Lisignoli crew won getting 5 tests on 7 played. Italian champions! Title really deserved! In second place Radman-Cioni who have done everything to worry the new champions. 

At third position you find Cartolari-Star. In Formula18 style we also want to mention the fourth Fantasia-Recalcati and the fifth overall Panella-Pose. Awarded the crew mixed Nasuti-Cichella, absolute sixteenths. A beautiful championship, weather, friendship, adrenaline and speed, but also tactics and strategy, with never predictable tests. I congratulate all the Race Committee, who has done a great job, leaving all the competitors happy and satisfy. 

Congratulations also to Svagamente sports association, represented by Mauro Di Feliceantonio and his collaborators, who organized the Championship. Excellent on the ground and in the water, they did not miss anything, from pasta party to the social dinner. 

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