Aug 7, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympics: Nacra 17 Regatta Schedule

Photo: Sailing Energy / World Sailing . Schedule table CSN, source World Sailing. Click table for bigger size. I still have to confirm 100% Billy & Marie participation. Any preview can only be done after knowing they'll be on the lineup.

Rio 2016 marks the long awaited Comeback and we are more than glad having Multis prenset again at the sport biggest event. London was so boring...! But seriously , what a great work the Cat sailing community has done to recover its due right , in an Era where Surfing and Skate are confirmed as Olympic sports, having the old non sailing guard deciding the future of our sport was lame, I felt sorry for those who attempted to ban Multis, speak of having a Vision for the future...

I've been putting emphasis on the 'suit' & office guys for a decade almost, those early readers will remember well, and now is clear the only way to avoid in the future such embarrassing situation, like having the fastest and most exciting boat out of the games,  and not even trying to secure Sailing as a Sport within the Olympics, is to have active sailors within the key decisions boards & mgmt bodies.
A mandatory mix of experienced management and actual sailors is the way to go.

This of course if Sailing wants to grow and remain part of the games, get rid finally of the snobbism and embrace the bright future awaiting the new generations.

But now is time to celebrate our comeback and enjoy the games which will start for the Nacra 17 crews on Wednesday 10th. Medals Preview on coming days.

Nacra 17:
- Day 1, Wednesday 10 August: 13.00 (3 Races)
- Day 2. Thursday 11 August : 13.00 (3 Races)
- Day 3, Friday 12 August : Reserve Day
- Day 4, Saturday 13 August: 13.00 (3 Races)
- Day 5, Sunday 14 August : 13.00 (3 Races)
- Day 6, Monday 15 August : Reserve Day
- Day 7, Tuesday 16 August: 14.00 Medal Race (1)
- Day 8, Wednesday 17 August: Reserve Day

Qualified Crews for Rio (20) :

ARG Santiago Lange / Cecilia Carranza Saroli
ARU Nicole van der Velden /Thijs Visser
AUS Jason Waterhouse / Lisa Darmanin
AUT Thomas ZajacTanja Frank /
BRA Isabel Swan / Samuel Albrecht
CAN Nikola Girke / Luke Ramsay
DEN Allan Norregaard / Anette Viborg Andreasen
ESP Fernando Echávarri / Tara Pacheco van Rijnsoever
FRA Billy Besson / Marie Riou
GBR Nicola Groves / Ben Saxton
GER Paul Kohlhoff / Carolina Werner
GRE Michalis Pateniotis / Sofia Bekatorou
ITA Vittorio BissaroSilvia Sicouri /
NED Mandy Mulder / Coen de Koning
NZL Gemma Jones / Jason Saunders
SIN Justin Liu / Denise Lim
SUI Nathalie Brugger / Matías Bühler
TUN Rihab Hammami / Hedi Gharbi
URU Mariana Foglia / Pablo Defazio Abella
USA Bora Gulari / Louisa Chafee