Aug 23, 2016

Long Distance @Lac de Joux 2016

Photo: Swiss Flying Phantom Series
Last weeks I received a mail asking if an A was a good Long Distance racing machine. I replies that in my view it has a limited range in calm downwind (no spi) or high winds where an F18 or even the Flying Phantom / Nacra F20s can handle plenty of breeze and waves.

Below report sent by Sandro Caviezel who along Sascha Wallmer participated in the 50e Bol d'OR de la Vallée de Joux  with really good result for an up & downwind course for the G7 against other double handed foiling or bigger cats.  Still the Flying Phantom remains more versatile for a Long Distance, but it seems if you can race in a Lake in Switzerland or any other rather reasonabke wind range then you might have a good chance to put your A-Cat to a test. 
Long distance race in Switzerland. 
"At the start we could not yet fly with the Scheurer G7 A-cats but as the wind picked up a little, we could close the gap to the other flying boats. But amazing how well the A performed in the end.

Lac de Joux is a little lake in the Alps ( Map)

The race was a pure up and down as the wind was in the direction of the lake. We had to make three rounds (top mark at one end of the lake and bottom mark on the other). Conditions were light to medium. 
At the start there was not enough wind for the A-Class to foil so we lost quite a lot as it was a downwind start and we got passed by all the boats with Spinnaker up.... 
But just a few minutes after the start we could start foiling,  wind strength was changing all the time so hard to give a value but it was around 10 knots with puffs up to 15knots and some lulls with less than 5 knots. 

It was impressive how we could keep up with the other boats. Downwind the Flying Phantom were faster (vmg) but upwind we could catch up quite a lot. There were also monohulls racing and so there was one Moth competing. It was the fastest boat on the track. Downwind the difference was not so big but upwind the Moth was just gone.... 

It's a pity that the monohulls only had to do 2 rounds around the course and the catamarans 3 as in the last round there was less wind (So maybe the Moth would have dropped of the foils from time to time). But in any case it makes no sense to compare the different boats - it was just pure foiling fun and really cool to have all the different boats on the race course."

Top 5 Multi  Real Time
1. Flying Phantom 2:22:54
2. Nacra 20 Carbon (C-boards) 2:23:50
3. Flying Phantom 2:25:00
4. A-Cat Scheurer G7 2:25:23

Top ten Multi Corrected - Full Results Multi here
Pos Sail Crew
Boat Class Handicap Real Time Corrected Time
1 1 CAVIEZEL Sandro Scheurer A 0.981 02:25:23 2:28:11:94
2 11 WALLMER Sascha Scheurer A 0.981 02:28:14 2:31:06:25
3 51 MINARDI Jean-Richard LABERENNE Guillaume Nacra Infusion 1 02:37:46 2:37:46:00
4 108 DUFOUR Emmanuel CHIOVINI Stéphane Ventilo Pulso 20 0.963 02:32:45 2:38:37:13
5 902 VAUCHER Michel FROIDEVAUX Thierry Ventilo Pulso 20 0.961 02:32:30 2:38:41:33
6 190 VEZ Laurent Flyer A 0.989 02:36:58 2:38:42:75
7 21 BARBARIN Bruno SCHMIDT Cédric Flying Phantom 0.89 02:22:54 2:40:33:70
8 1702 KERR Aurore POTTIER Arthur Nacra F16 1.035 02:47:12 2:41:32:75
9 5SUI SCHNEITER Alex JONSSON Kristoffer Flying Phantom 0.89 02:25:00 2:42:55:28
10 223 BEGUELIN Laurent MOTTIER Frédéric Tornado
0.944 02:34:12 2:43:20:84

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