Aug 25, 2016

Italian & German F18 Nats 2016 @Circolo Vela Arco: Day 0

Pics & links sent by Allessandro Pelliccia - Good iniatitve by the Italian & German associations to join events and gather more boats (50-60 F18s)  specially at Circolo Vela Arco, which usually provides great conditions, needless to speak on the scenery, for the F18s and also for the A-Class slring championships. Pics from today, I recognize those bow in the mirror... ALso good to see girls racing in the F18, here in Arg right now, the best crew is youth Eugenia Bosco who is winning races no matter the helm she sails with. More info next week after Arg local event ends.
Garda Racing starts tomorrow.

Links to follow the event:
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