Aug 21, 2016

A-Class Dutch Nats @Hellecat 2016: PJ Dwarshuis Champ

All sailing images courtesy of  Helena Darvelid/Sailrocket sent by Arno Terra. Prize pic by Dutch Assoc. Full sailing gallery at Dutch A-Class Assoc Fb. --
having Dutch & Polish Nats in the same weekend made each event to have mostly locals sailors only, with Rashley attending at Sopot & Emmanuel Dodé and Paul Larsen racing at Hellecat. Pity cause it was a good chance to see how both fleets and designs can rank with Exploder & Dna camp without Mischa & Bundock.

PJ gave himself a Dutch Nats this weekend after the hard work done with the F1 development, hope to see Holland Composites continuing to pursue details,  high quality and customer support which is always the final tool any builder has to show its compromise with their customers.
Rutger Krijger sailing a 2015 Dna only pt behind PJ F1 and tied with Roeland F1 also, we have Mischa 2015 boat here, and I expect to keep performing against a pack of 'Black Beasts' coming soon.

Read below complete report sent by Arno Terra from the event, including comments on his proto Heru Soft  Wing and details on the D3 & Dna handling and performance.
Back in the game

"I did not do any A-cat races since the Europeans in Maubuisson in 2014.
Since then I only sailed a few days at Garda and decided to prepare myself the week before the Dutch  Nationals. I did train both with Rutger Krijger and Paul Larsen.

Initially I had problems to get stable flight and when Paul arrived Tuesday I found out why, I was sailing with way too much lift on the rudders and once we had set the rudder angle negative(!) at minus a half degree a new boat emerged and I finally got the prolonged flights I was looking for.
No more pop-outs or falling off the foils. Unbelievable how critical the settings are nowadays.
Conditions were wonderful for mastering flying, nice sea breeze with gusts and big lulls. Learning how to survive the lulls and learning how to manage windward heel.  You get windward heel in a lull, if you loose attachment or if your sheet is too loose in a gust. 

In a moderate hulll you have to luff to build up apparent wind, in a real lull you just fall in the water and have to come in, if you loose attachment you have to luff and in a gust you have to pull in your sheet.

The windward heel is risky as you easily slip out of the toe straps and when that happens you land near your forestay.
The flying itself has different phases: Skimming, flying at moderate high, flying high and 'crazy mode'.

You only go fast in the high mode which then easily gets into crazy mode when the boat really starts taking off. Pretty scary in the beginning as it is so fast and steering is so light that I could not believe it would last. Once you start doubting it will last you actually get into trouble.
Fortunately I was training with both Rutger and Paul who just went for it, and both showed that crazy mode can be a controlled mode too.

If the boat starts flying too high you just lean and step forward to push the boat a bit down and if that is not enough you ease some sheet and bear off a little  to get some pitch moment out of the rig. And once the boat is more level you pull in the sheet again tor prevent windward heel and then  boats starts accelerating again.

Once I build up enough confidence and started trusting the foils  I relaxed and started enjoying the fast and long flights.
It takes a lot of energy though, not because it so physical but because it takes so much concentration and focus.

In the stronger breeze Paul and I started to practice upwind foiling, which is pretty amazing. At first you get in a skimming mode, then in occasional flying and then full flying. At a certain moment I was in crazy mode upwind and the boat just kept accelerating and I then I started doubting where that would end. The doubt took away my focus, which immediately caused a big splash.

In training the softwing performed really well especially upwind. I was quick and could sail a little bit higher than the others. I felt I could gain some end speed if I could flatten the top a bit more. Downwind acceleration was good  and when I had prolonged flight I could steer pretty deep.

Friday the races started and due to the bad weather forecast the committee run by Menno decided to plan 5! races to secure the championship on the first day. The first three races were in really light wind without any foiling. The fourth race and fifth race we had finally some good foiling and the DNA gang started to dominate, with some good foiling of me and Paul too. I was quite happy with my performance in race five where I battled with Roeland and PJ and maintained top in the top three the first two rounds but screwed it up in round three by going to the wrong side of the course. Still quite happy I could battle in that race.

I was slower in the light wind races than in training, as I used a second version of the softwing which has slightly stiffer battens in the backpanel and this cost me too much grunt in the light air. Some valuable lessons learned

Saturday the breeze was 16-20 kts and the foiling boats started to dominate. PJ, Emanuel, Roeland, Rutger and Paul were all really fast and Paul measured a topspeed of 28 kts. I could not compete as my boat sailed away from the beach by itself, sailed 500 meters full speed without capsizing and crashed into a wall, which damaged my bow.
It was stupid to leave my boat unguarded for a few seconds but I think doing 5 races the day before had wore me out too much.

Racing is the best practice as I pushed myself more, Paul used the races to test himself and the equipment too. It was very clear to us that systems are crucial and have to work fine and that taking care of your foils is crucial. Just some small scratches can cause ventilation.
The tape drive system of the DNA is the best system to adjust boar drake while sailing. Jacek is already using a similar system on his D3 too.

I swapped from L rudders to T rudders. The T rudder boats are faster and easier not due to the new foils but because Jakub placed the rudders more inside and that way the rudders are no longer in the wake of the vertical. Just a DNA placed the rudders more inside to keep the DNA rudders out of the wake of the DNA board.With the new position less ventilation and less drag. The 28 kt run was done by Paul with one L and one T rudder BTW.

On the water the F1, D3 and DNA 2015 were all competitive. The F1 looks a bit more stable than the the DNA 2015. On the D3 you have to adjust the board rake between upwind and downwind, which matters less on the F1 and the DNA 2015. It was interesting to see two completely different board philosophies. The DNA with the low drag section with deep drag bucket and the D3 with symmetrical verticals and the more linear section on the diagonal.

The decksweepers and the better rudderfoils make current boats much better than the 2014 ones.It takes time and effort to master foiling though, but even that is great fun.

After two days of racing PJ was leading, but the top four was really close. At the time of this report I dd not not know if racing was possible at Sunday.

Arno Terra , Dutch Nats 2016 -
Results Dutch Nats 2016:

Pos HelmName Class SailNo Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 Total Nett
1st PieterJan Dwarshuis Foiling NED 28 WV Flevo -11 -9 1 2 1 1 3 4 4 36 16
2nd Rutger Krijger Foiling NED 14 WSVW 3 -6 3 1 -7 3 1 3 3 30 17
3rd Roeland Wentholt Foiling NED 95 Hellecat -10 4 2 -16 2 4 2 2 1 43 17
4th Emmanuel Dodé Foiling FRA 2 SR Vannes 1 -22 4 (28 DNF) 4 2 4 1 2 68 18
5th Mathias Dietz Foiling GER 3 SLRV 2 2 (27 UFD) 3 5 11 5 7 (28 DNC) 90 35
6th GertJan Kos Non-foiling Ned 096 ZV Noordwijk 7 -10 5 -8 8 6 8 8 6 66 48
7th David Aart Non-foiling NED 111 ZV Noordwijk 8 -18 11 7 (28 OCS) 7 9 5 5 98 52
8th Caroline Beelen Non-foiling NED 41 Catclub Zeeland 4 3 7 14 3 13 12 (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 112 56
9th Phillip Muyzers Non-foiling BEL 54 Catclub Zeeland 5 -16 10 15 9 5 6 6 (28 DNC) 100 56
10th Wim Plokker Foiling NED 93 Hellecat 14 5 10 RDGb 10 RDGb 10 RDGb 12 -15 11 (28 DNC) 115 72
11th Frank Mauritz Non-foiling NED 85 6 1 12 5 6 15 (28 OCS) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 129 73
12th Theo van Hilten Foiling NED 8 Hellecat -18 14 6 -17 13 10 14 10 9 111 76
13th Rene Mulder Non-foiling NED 80 WSV Bestevaer 16 -24 13 18 (28 OCS) 8 7 9 8 131 79
14th Peter Spijker Non-foiling NED 120 ZV Noordwijk 9 8 9 6 (28 OCS) 9 13 (28 DNC) 28 DNC 138 82
15th Bob Leim Ahler Foiling GER 56 TO -21 -21 15 13 16 16 11 13 7 133 91
16th Yvonne Nieboer Non-foiling Ned 101 WSV Bestevaer 12 19 27 UFD 12 10 17 16 (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 169 113
17th Eric Lampier Foiling NED 12 Hellecat 19 23 18 20 (28 DNS) 14 10 12 (28 DNF) 172 116
18th Jaap Straakenbroek Foiling NED 21 Catclub Zeeland 13 12 16 9 15 (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 177 121
19th Josje Verbeeten Non-foiling NED 100 Hellecat (28 OCS) 15 8 10 12 (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 185 129
20th Arno Terra Foiling NED 7 WS Flevo 22 20 14 11 11 (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 190 134
21st Paul Larsen Foiling AUS 51 Club Kiwi 17 17 27 UFD 4 14 (28 OCS) (28 OCS) 28 DNF 28 DNC 191 135
22nd Piet Saarberg Foiling Ned 1 Hellecat (28 DNS) 7 19 21 17 (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 204 148
23rd Gerard Althof Foiling GER 49 BHS 2000 20 13 17 19 (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 209 153
24th Tjibbe Veelo Foiling NED 91 Hellecat 15 11 (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 222 166
25th Klaus Rochel Non-foiling GER 9 LYC Lubecker Yachtclub (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 252 196
25th Jan Groot Non-foiling NED 117 de Roerkoning (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 252 196
25th Robbert Kant Non-foiling NED 50 Catclub Zeeland (28 DNC) (28 DNC) 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 28 DNC 252 196

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