Jul 5, 2016

Kai Lenny's 'self propelled' Foiler

This kid is good, Hamilton & Rush Randle have been surf/windsurf foiling for decades by now, but I  never saw such rides where after bailing out of a wave he catches the next one with a self propelled leg/body pumping . Watch also how he surfs 30cm height non breaking waves.

I saw Mischa body pump a bit to get airborne in 5-6knots at Punta Ala, in marginal conditions, seeing self drive video above makes me wonder again on the efficiency of current catfoilers. A-
Cats are foiling in 6knots already, along the FP & F20, but is clear there is a long way to walk still to find an optimal racing & foiling solution. But then again the flying racing applied to racing just began only a few years ago.

Going back to board foiling I have a custom SUP & Windsurf foil I designed after a research done on sections, specific sizes for SUP/WS and else, which is being built at a known surf workshop here in Arg. We are all looking forward to give it a try not only in downwind rides at Mar del Plata ocean coast and its common surf spots,  but we are targeting our Rio de la Plata waters too, we have here our famous South East river chop, kind of onshore breeze that runs almost parallel to our river coast, and the idea was to ride downwind with a foiling SUPs those large waves/chops from downtown / Port in Buenos Aires City where we are going to held next F18 Worlds up to San Isidro coasts, some 15-20kms.

If we manage to handle something similar Kai is achieving above, that is going to be the coolest thing ever done down here in our Buenos Aires city sealess coast.